Ann Lindsey is a member of Narva & Company’s advisory team with more than twenty-five years of expertise in leadership and organizational development. Ann’s depth and breadth of experience in teaching and helping leadership teams in both family led and corporate environments bring to the firm’s multidisciplinary approach enormous value for clients seeking to develop strong leadership teams and growth strategies within their organizations.

Ann’s individualized work with each leadership team, including those leadership teams who are experiencing themselves as “stuck” and unable to move forward, facilitates the team’s ability to excel. Ann creates a sense of safety and understanding that fosters each leadership team’s achievement of goals for themselves as a solid and united team, and the resulting capacity to affect their organizations in a profoundly positive manner.

Additionally, Ann’s finely tuned intuition about people, systems, and events, and her ability to frame this intuition and understanding help leadership teams and companies to achieve solutions to vexing problems. Ann is a gifted, passionate teacher who has taught many teams and managers to be effective in difficult organizational environments. She has consulted with numerous private and public sector organizations, including The MITRE Corporation, Quantum Chemical Corporation, General Motors, Malden Mills Industries, CBS, Taylor Investments, EMC 2 , and NASA Space Center.

Ann is President of Lindsey Leadership Consulting. She is a CEO and Executive Director forum leader for The Commonwealth Institute in the greater Boston area. She is also a certified mentor for the Arch of Leadership Mentoring Program. From 1982 until 2000 Ann was a Professor of Management at Simmons College Graduate School of Management (“GSM”).  In both the MBA and the Executive Development Programs at the GSM, she helped develop and expand the organizational behavior courses that were part of the founding philosophy of the School.

Ann earned an MBA from Simmons College Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of South Carolina.  She did graduate work in Psychology and Social Relations at Harvard University.

Ann lives in the greater Boston area. She is a member of The Boston Club, a community of women business leaders in Boston. She has two adult sons of whom she is very proud: one an accomplished attorney, and the other a gifted clinical social worker.