Based upon our experience advising companies across a wide spectrum of industries, we begin by asking questions such as: Which management practices at the Company should be retained, and what practices need updating to “best practices” standards?  What is the Company’s strategic plan for the future?  Is the Company’s financial strength sufficient to fund both capital investment needs of a growing company and the reasonable expectations of family owners for distributions on family capital invested in the Company?  Are there any longstanding business issues that require resolution in order for any of the foregoing questions to be addressed successfully, and what, if anything, is to be done about them?

Organizational, Leadership and Talent Development

Narva & Company helps increase both short and long-term performance of our client companies by assisting them to develop organizational structures that build on the company’s core values and suit the mission and scale of their business enterprises.

We also work with our clients’ senior executive team to articulate clear performance goals for managers, set up performance evaluation and compensation systems, and institute guidelines for management training programs which ensure that the next generation of management leadership is fully developed, motivated and prepared to lead in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Management Succession Planning

Of all the issues confronting family companies, problems concerning management succession are often the most vexing. There are no simple solutions to these issues, because management succession requires addressing successfully and simultaneously both family relationship issues and business management needs. Our advisors work with families and non-family managers to find an effective approach for developing and implementing management and/or talent succession plans, not only for orderly succession, but also to plan for emergency scenarios.

Strategic Planning

Our advisors specialize in developing comprehensive strategies for the future direction of family and entrepreneurial enterprises. We are skilled at empowering owners to embrace business changes while preserving their core values. Based on our understanding of complex relationship dynamics, we help families and their non-family senior executives explore, define and integrate their goals with the goals of the enterprise to create a solid foundation from which to sustain business growth while anticipating and capitalizing on present and future events in the business environment.