We help families to enhance communications and relationship skills while also focusing on matters of corporate strategy, governance, management development, corporate finance and other business issues, which are addressed in thoughtfully designed, sequential phases of work.

To assist families with this integrated approach, our multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals specializes in developing a deep understanding not only of our clients’ vision, culture and organization of their businesses, but also the history, values, communication patterns, and particular styles of the current generation of leadership. We then tailor our services to meet these specific considerations. Endeavoring to strengthen family relationships and respecting each family’s unique heritage and values are integral to our work.

Our deep expertise in family services include:

Improving Communication and Family Dynamics

We recognize that communication patterns and relationship dynamics within families play a crucial role in determining both business success and family harmony. Normal family dynamics such as sibling rivalry and intergenerational conflict can sabotage the family enterprise if not addressed and resolved.

Coaching for Family Executives

We offer one-on-one coaching and training for both current and future family executives to improve professional leadership skills and specific capabilities as well as to create systems of enhanced collaboration, shared passion and purpose.

Mentoring Programs for the Next Generation

We create customized, confidential mentoring programs for the younger generation of family members so that they are listened to, empowered and energized to stretch personally and professionally. We draw upon a mix of mentoring and coaching strategies in an intuitive, collaborative approach to supporting younger family members joining the family company as well as developing new leaders for roles in family governance.